Hand Sanitizer 500ml – Pump Dispenser

  • 500ml Hand Sanitizer pump dispensers are available in Liquid and Gel.
  • Our 500ml sanitizer is sold in Plastic Bottles.
  • Minimum order of 24 bottles


Ethyl Alcohol
Hydrogen Peroxide
Propylene Glycol

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BlueStream Sanitizer provides environmentally acceptable, bio-degradable and cost effective alternatives to cleaning products. This Eco-approved sanitizer has been made according to the World Health Organisation standards and guidelines and has a minimum alcohol content of 75%. The hand sanitizer is a colourless liquid and becomes odourless after 20 seconds of application.

Our alcohol based sanitizer is effective in killing a wide range of harmful bacteria and microorganisms. It has a fast evaporating action with no detectable residue. Skin care ingredients have been carefully added to our sanitizer ensuring that most skin types can use it through out the day with minimal chance of skin irritation.

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Liquid, Gel


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