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Sanitizing and Fogging Disinfection Services
Professional Cleaning Services

The Most Effective Disinfecting Technology Available from “The Foggers”

Electrostatic disinfection services should be part of your plan for infection prevention and control.

Let “The Foggers” be part of your regular cleaning services for anything that needs disinfecting including:

Medical Offices / Centres / Clinics or Hospitals

Aircraft and Hangars

Healthcare / Schools / Shopping Centres / All public Places

Airport / Taxis / Buses or any Public Transportation

BlueStream offers a range of supervised cleaning services from a basic clean to a full deep cleaning of your home.

On-site supervision at all times


BlueStream cleaners will arrive and don full PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

Each BlueStream cleaner is monitored twice daily, with temperature checks and detailed record keeping.


Disinfecting and sanitisation service of the home is included at no extra charge.


BlueStream will provide all cleaning products and equipment

BlueStream offers a range of supervised cleaning services

Our Eco-approved Sanitizer has been made according to the World Health Organisation Standards and Guidelines

Hand & Surface Sanitizer
Personal Protective Equipment
Degreasers & Cleaners
Soil Remediation
Sewage Treatment
Hand Sanitizer 250ml - Flip Top Lid

BlueStream Sanitizer provides environmentally acceptable, bio-degradable and cost effective alternatives to cleaning products. 


Alcohol-based for rapid and effective killing of harmful bacteria and microorganisms.

Kills most harmful bacteria and microorganisms on hands


Reduces the risk of disease

Skin Care ingredients have been added for extra skin protection.


Fast evaporating action, no detectable residue

BlueStream offers Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)made to protect the user against health or safety risks. 

Suitable for your type of working environment


Well designed to ensure the correct use in the work space.

Complies with the safety regulations of the Health and Safety Act.

Products include, masks, face shields, gloves, goggles and coveralls.

PPE Equipment by Bluestream
100 % Green Degreasers and cleaners made by Bluestream in South Africa

BlueStream is the leading manufacturer of a wide range of heavy duty degreasers and odour control products to meet any industry’s needs. 


Applications include emulsion cleaning, liquid detergents, microbial degreasers, spray applications and other degreasers for general purpose cleaning.

100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly


Will not damage rubber, plastic, paint, metal or almost any hard surface.

Fast acting, safe to use and 100% effective. 

BlueStream proprietary range of products and methodologies have been developed specifically for the remediation of hydrocarbon contaminated soil.

ISO 9001 and ISO 14 000 compliant


SABS Approved for Microbial Efficiency

CSIR tested and approved, certified non-hazardous

In-situ treatment means no transporting and storing of hazardous waste.

Oil mess replaced by nutrient rich soil

SOIL REMEDIATION A Microbe Rich, Natural and Organic Bio-Augmentation Process
BioTreat™ can be added to pit latrine toilets or septic tanks and sewerage plants

BioTreat™ is a non-disease causing, dormant powder, naturally occurring in nature for the elimination of human solid waste. 


100% Natural with a Neutral pH

Digests Human Solid Waste, Paper, Fat, Oils & Hydro-Carbons


Highly Active Bacterial Cultures & Fungus

Safe & Economical with a large reduction in smell

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