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For the treatment of marine oil spills

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Eco-marine is a hydrocarbon solvent-based oil spill dispersant suitable for the treatment of marine oil spills. Eco-marine also is a DEAT (Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism) approved oil spill dispersant and is classified as a type 1 oil spill dispersant.

The product emulsifies crude oil and other light hydrocarbon oils and therefore facilitates and increases the microbial breakdown of the hydrocarbon content of the oil. This is done by spreading out the oil as a thin film on the water surface and, with the aid of wave action, blends the oil with water to a depth of approximately 1 meter.

The product can also be used as a medium to heavy duty degreaser in workshops. It does not contain volatile components and is therefore safe to use in enclosed areas. The product is primary biodegradable, and it also complies with the SABS 1216 specification. The product has been approved by SAMSA (South African Marine Safety Authority) as an oil spill dispersant for South African marine waters.

Application as a Degreaser

The product is applied particularly in areas of environmental concern or conditions where it may come into direct contact with the environment, that is natural water streams, vegetation and soil. The product is suitable for cleaning hard surfaces and will remove most type of lubricating grease. Eco-marine can be used in the following areas.

Workshops and mobile units

Hydrocarbon spills on soil

Hand/manual application cleaning

Areas with a high fire risk

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