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We use HOCL as our disinfectant as it has a 99,9% kill rate on bacteria and viruses with minimal contact time.

HOCL is so safe that it is used by doctors, hospitals, plastic surgeons and wound care specialists directly on humans. It is used by beauty therapists worldwide on face and skin care treatments.

This safety means that there is no need to evacuate premises while they are being disinfected.

It is safe for use on all hard and soft surfaces with a fast evaporation time leaving no sticky residue.

HOCL is on the list of disinfectants for use against the Covid-19 virus, published by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the USA.

Largest sanitizing and fogging company in South Africa
Largest sanitizing and fogging company in South Africa

Electrostatic Technology

Electrostatic sprayers are increasingly being used to clean surfaces that may have been contaminated and enables clorosanitizers and disinfectants to reach every side of a surface or object.  The sprayers apply an electrostatic charge to the disinfectant solution during application.

Our sprayers give our disinfectant a positive electric charge that causes the droplets to be attracted to neutrally charged surfaces like desks and walls, and to repel each other, leading to an even distribution over surfaces that prevents dripping. After a few minutes, the disinfectant kills the germs and the liquid evaporates. There’s no need to wipe the surfaces down manually – just spray and go.

“We are positively charging a chemical as it comes through a nozzle. In our world, everything else is a negative charge, so it basically gets the positive attracted to the negative and the chemical attaches to the product.”

The idea is simple: static electricity creates the attraction much like clothes out of a dryer, or a balloon when you rub it on your hair, only it’s a lifesaving disinfectant.

Electrostatic Technology enables clorosanitizers and disinfectants to reach the side underside and back side of surfaces

An electrode introduces an attractive charge and atomizes the solution. 

Charged particles are attracted to the surface

The Solution reaches and wraps around the surface or object.

Each surface is uniformly coated with solution.

Electrostatic Sanitization Technology is good for ANYWHERE.

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