Every business is going to have an impact on the environment. Though the specific impact varies greatly within industries, and so therefor the solutions, there is one environmental impact shared by every business -the effects of what your office, restaurant or workshop puts down the drain.

This is one area where you can make an immediate positive change.

Most ‘traditional cleaning products’ are bad for the environment. Harsh chemical in cleaning products may do the job, but they get flushed into sewer systems. From there, they contribute to pollution of waterways, dams, and the ocean.

Cleaning must be done, but there are alternative eco-friendly cleaning products on the market now. These make it possible for every business to lessen its impact on the environment.

Environmentally friendly solvent-free cleaning chemicals for your business:

1. Degreasers – for general purpose and ‘specific application’. Form dishwashing liquid to truck engine wash. You can now get eco degreasers that do the job as well as ever. In some cases better. These environmentally friendlier products do not use the traditional solvents, acids, other caustics, parabens, and other substances that do not biodegrade and would poison water supplies and the ground. As a bonus, they are not corrosive, and they are better for your health too.

2. Pipe and drain cleaners. Commonly known to be dangerous caustic substances for humans, they have traditionally been just as dangerous for the environment. Innovation in eco-friendly heavy-duty cleaning has afforded us alternative drain cleaners that are less harsh but work just as well. They are solvent free, acid and paraben free, water-soluble, and 100% biodegradable.

3. In the age of Covid-19, hand and surface sanitisers are essential. This would normally add you the chemical load going down drains. However, eco-friendly sanitisers that are fully biodegradable are better for you and your employers, and for the environment.

Each business uses different products and has a different impact. To simplify matters, it’s worth investing in a consultation that would help you identify eco-alternatives to the cleaning products you use in your business.