The Covid-19 Pandemic hasn’t necessarily changed what we expect from professional domestic cleaning services. However, it has changed the level of expectation. It’s no longer a case of ‘it looks clean therefore it is clean’.

Customers need to know that they are safe in their homes after a professional cleaning service has been through them.

Expectations rightfully go beyond expecting a job well done, with clean, surfaces and floors, and clean, stain-free carpets, curtain, blinds, and upholstery. All of these ‘components’ need to be sanitary. Whatever can be sanitised to the highest degree possible, should be. This increases the scope of what a professional cleaning service needs to offer, and what customers expect from a professional full cleaning service.

Customers need to know that the cleaning service operates with exceptional diligence and professionalism. The service they provide should be of the highest standard, reliable, and thorough. Customers should also expect the highest personal safety standards from the cleaning service staff. Overall Covid-19 safety rules and recommendations, such as the wearing of masks, will change. However, it’s reasonable to expect any professional service staff entering your home to adhere to the highest possible safety protocols – even when no longer mandated by law. This is especially true for a professional cleaning service.

Expect your professional cleaning service to:

  • Use the best and latest available safety protocols, materials, cleaning and sanitising products.
  • Have their staff fully trained in Covid-19 safety specifics
  • Be prepared to issue a Covid-19 compliant sanitisation certificate or similar reassurance.
  • Put their customers’ concerns and safety requirements first.

Ideally, a professional cleaning service that promotes use eco-friendly products MUST also be able to offer assurance that their products and overall service fulfils the increased sanitary requirements brought on by Covid-19.