Tlou Pedi received an order to carbonize oil on the sewage at Mokopa wastewater treatment works. The second part includes the cleaning on formed scum on the water. Tlou Pedi also suggested seeding the existing bacteria. This report will highlight some challenges faced at Mokopa wastewater plant.

Initial planning
Our initial plan was to treat the water with EcoMarine which is supposed to break up the oil particles. With the oil broken up into molecular particles we wanted to add HydroActivator to consume the oil and any organic material (carbonizing). Seeding of the bacteria could be done after the problem of the oil was solved.

Initial volume of oil

Initial volume of oil

Initial stock requirements
10 x 25 litre HydroActivator
10 x 25 litre EcoMarine
20 x 25 litre Biotreat

Challenges experienced
From the initial quote the volume of oil more than doubled. This was due to shut down maintenance at various industries and rain that flushed the pipes into the treatment plant.

The oil was in the system too long and changed into a toffee like substance. Initially our treatment did not have the desired effect because of the reasons stated above

Initial volume of oil

Volume of oil when project started 22/12/2015

We added OilLift which is an extremely strong carbonizing agent used for hard surfaces and we added a lot of activated bacteria. Adding these products got the desired effect.

biotreat-microbes Results as at 27122015

Results as at 27/12/2015

Mokopa wastewater treatment works

Carbonizing process 24/12/2015

Stock used as at 2015/12/30
10 x 25 litres OilLift
10 x 25 litres HydroActivator
10 x 25 litres EcoMarine
50 x 25 litres Activated bacteria